Epiphany /Aha Moment

Make today the day you stop stressing about people who don’t care about you. That person who can spend 18 hours away from you without one phone call to see how you are doing, stop wasting your stress on them. It’s not worth the stress over if he/she loves you or not. Stop stressing over that person who shows you no sign that you are important to them. Stop letting someone’s actions towards you make you miserable. My kids are an exception to all that above, they are awesome to me but they are my kids and worth any stress I will or have ever gone thru. My aha moment was this summer. I decided to mentally let go of anything that made me worry, stress, sad anything that wasn’t worth my time and energy and most importantly my health because at the end of the day my life changes are for me to live longer to be able to see all the grandchildren I hope to have. Stressing isn’t good for your health so mentally throw away anything or anyone not worth stressing over.