A Year After….

A year has passed since my husband told me lots of things but there was one thing he did that changed everything. I was hurt and torn for months and a few months after the new year I decided to pull myself together after my daughter came to me with her 3 D movie glasses and told me I could wear them so no one would be able to tell I was crying. That hit me hard and then I realized I had to get out of that state of depression for my kids. Just everything hit me all at once, my oldest had just turned 18, all my kids were at school full time so I had no one to care for, I was turning 40, and the man I planned to spend forever with told me things that broke my heart!! I searched for natural ways to help me with my depression and found a vitamin that I know helped me get through the rest of it without randomly crying in the middle of a store. I know this because when I forgot to take it I’d start balling for no reason again. A year later I’m so much more happier even when I don’t take the vitamins. I know what ever happened happen for the best because I should have been out that relationship way before I actually got out. Maybe just maybe there is something different meant for me or maybe this is the way it’s supposed to be I don’t know but I’ve accepted it. I’m more than happy to spend the rest of my days loving and being loved by my kids. I’m not sure how this could be words of encouragement for anyone except myself but I do know someone out there somewhere will or is going through the same thing I went through and if there is anything I regret is putting my kids through the pain of seeing me hurt because they hurt seeing me hurt. If I could change anything I would change the not looking for help sooner.