The One and Only (written in my high school years)

I was just a teenager looking for love.
All I could find was alot of hurt.
Everywhere I turned I saw suffering,
Everyplace I went I saw alot of pain.
I wasn’t satisfied with what this world had to offer
Disappointed with all my ways
I prayed to God to help me, help me through this struggle.
Help me to be what He wants me to be.
Direct me in what He wants me to do.
To help me not be afraid of life.
So that I can help others.
One day my prayers were answered.
Someone came into my life.
The one and only love.
The one and only hope.
The one and only dream.
No one can be the first love in my life, but the one and only Him.
Through His love I found satisfaction.
There’s no more hurt in my life ’cause now I have Him.
The one and only happiness.
The one and only Lord, Jesus Christ.

This was written sometime in high school around 1991 for a poetry contest to be able to go to nationals. I didn’t get to go but the poem was sincere from my heart and at that time I was not lukewarm, I’m not even lukewarm now. Because I have to be either in it 100% or not at all so as not to be a flakey person. Though when I need someone I look to Him, always because I know He’s real.

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