A Poem for You

You can’t break something that wasn’t already broken before
I just can’t let myself walk out that door
When love is there things should be different
One shouldn’t just feel content
I shouldn’t have looked your way
but there you were one day
You, me and everyone else can judge that I’ve done wrong
But It’s ok I just know now this isn’t where I belong
but I knew that way back then when I decided to stay
Little did you know why you came my way
I just needed to feel emotion stir my heart
Now from here I’ll go alone to do my part
Thank you for igniting that fire in me
I am now able to see
You were only my angel in disguise
For that you will always be perfect in my eyes
You only came to teach me to let go
This is something I now know
Will I listen or continue on with this charade
Whatever I decide you didn’t break up any parade
You came into my life for a reason
and now I am at the end of that season

******This poem is to someone that opened up my eyes to the fact the I was just where I was because it was my normal and I had been stuck there for years. No matter what I will be thankful to have met this person because otherwise I’d still be stuck.

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