19 years have past since you’ve went away. I think about you every single day! You were my hero, my friend,my mom, my everything. I miss you! I thank you for everything that I hated you for at one time. I’m sorry for everything that I ever put you through. I can only imagine the pain I caused you. I love you! I can’t go back in time to change it, but oh how I’ve wished I could. That night before you left this world I felt you come to me and kiss me one last time. It felt so real. I hold that one memory so dear. I’ve longed to feel that again, or for you to come visit me in my dreams. I have dreamed once, I just didn’t get to see you. One day I will see you again but I hope not anytime soon. I now have my own that I’m their hero, their friend, their mom and their everything as they are my everything, my reason for living, my world. God has been good to me even though I turned my back on Him so many years because he took you away from me. I’ve only now learned to not question why He does things, I just have to accept them. I never had a chance to say good-bye, so good-bye, farewell, until we meet again. I love you!!! I miss you!!! And most of all Thank you for loving me and never giving up on me!!!

By Myrna Morin
~In Memory of Rosario Zavala Caraballo~
August 22,1945 – April 10,1993 <3
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