My Online Friend

You came into my life one day like a ray of light.
You brought joy to my days when things weren’t right.
You lifted my spirits when I was down.
You made me smile instead of frown.
You touched my heart in so many ways.
I never met anyone like you beautiful in every way.
You brought out the best in me.
You were sent my way to make a difference in me.
You won’t be here for long
but every second you are I will treasure.
You’re acts of kindness brought
tenderness to my heart once again.
My eyes were opened to things I could not even imagine.
You helped me realize that there are
still good hearted people in this world.
You are a sweetheart! You are adorable! You are beautiful! You are my online friend!!!

By Myrna Morin~ I made this poem for someone who helped thru a very difficult time in my life a time I didn’t want anyones help.
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