Goodbye,Goodbye Forever

As I write you this letter, I know this is better, better for both you and me. It took a while caused a lot of pain just to pick up this pen, knowing that with it, I would make it all end. I would say goodbye, goodbye forever. The years we’ve shared, those years I’ll treasure. You were there when I was down not knowing it you made me not frown. You’ll always be my first, the first one I loved. I don’t know what happened, I guess we drifted apart, you went your way I went mine. We tried hard to hold on. We didn’t try hard enough, but now it’s too late you went your way I went mine. That’s why I’m writing this letter to say goodbye, goodbye forever.

By Myrna Morin ~This was a letter poem I wrote for my friend I met in 8th grade and we stayed friends throughout all High School and then after high school he went to the Marines and then eventually a few years later he went his way and I went mine, he was someone I loved dearly and will remember the rest of my life~.
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